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    Tuesday 3rd August

Meeting of the SNP councillors/MSP's and Campaign Organiser
Jeff Duncan at The Black Watch Memorial at Powrie Brae nr Dundee, at which the SNP gave their full backing to the campaign.

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  Hello everyone, I thought I would share with you all a little about me and why I became involved in the campaign to Save the Scottish Regiments.

My name is Jeff Duncan and I am a Dundonian (for those further afield than the UK this means I was  born and bred in Dundee).  My grandfather was killed in service of The Black Watch in World War II and my grandmother who died recently was immensely proud of him and the regiment.  Apart from passionately believing in Scotland's Regiments and being very proud of them I thought it a fitting tribute to both my grandmother and grandfather to help fight against the planned cuts recently announced by Geoff Hoon.

I have my own business with clients throughout the UK, I am juggling this with the campaign, as more and more of my time is being eaten up with organising all the things that need doing (I had no idea!)

I am in touch with several regimental people on a regular basis but due to MOD orders that officers, soldiers etc. should not talk to media or campaigns it is difficult to divulge any information regarding those contacts as this would obviously leave them at risk of reprimand (or worse).

I do not and will not make a single penny from the Save the Scottish Regiments campaign, the reverse is true as to-date I have invested heavily in both time and finance (having to personally fund the purchase of 100's of t-shirts/mugs/stickers etc as well as office supplies of stationery, stamps etc).  Any money that is raised by way of donation or from sales of t-shirts and mugs will go back into the campaign, firstly to pay the money back that I have spent and thereafter to help finance more publicity materials.

I was partly prompted to post this information due to a call I received tonight which asked where money received into the campaign went.  I hope this clears things for the gentleman who called me but refused to give any details as to who he was - something I though was a reasonable request given I was very open with him on the subject. 

Sometimes the task of running the campaign can be overwhelming and it is a little depressing to think someone might suspect you of getting involved in a campaign for financial gain.  That said they may simply be cautious, which these days is not a bad thing.

The campaign accounts are open to anyone who wishes to view them, they need simply send an email with their details, but for those interested enough meantime here are the simple financial facts as they stand today:

  To-date donations received - 330

Sales of Campaign Goods -   225.99

To-date Outgoing expenditure by myself:  1,012.86


I would like to thank everyone who supports the campaign and especially those who give donations and/or purchase items to show their support.  Thank you all - it heartens both myself and the other people who selflessly and anonymously give their own time and efforts to make the campaign an effective success.

Thank you

Jeff Duncan - Campaign Organiser
Save the Scottish Regiments


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