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My name is Anne McMillan and I am responsible for all campaign fundraising. I work closely with all the campaign team and am based in Perthshire, Scotland. We urgently require volunteers from all regions of Scotland to organise fundraising projects in their areas. No experience is required as you will be supported by the campaign team and myself in anything you plan or indeed any plans you may already have. If this is of interest to you please contact me either by mobile phone or email.

Mobile 07918 10 15 01
Fax: 01828 63 26 06

E Mail: anne@savethescottishregiments.co.uk

Sponsorship & Donations Urgently Required

Costs are ongoing to keep our campaign alive and we urgently require campaign sponsorship and donations. 

All  donations and sponsorship are used to support ongoing and future events to prevent the decimation of our six Scottish Regiments. 

The fight is far from over and any assistance you can give will be most gratefully received..

 Anyone who would be interested in giving support should in the first instance contact myself. 

We can guarantee that for anyone who wishes it, complete anonymity is respected. Alternatively we can arrange publicity for anyone who like us to do so..

The following are previous and ongoing fundraising projects.

1. A Gala Dinner/Tartan Ball was held in the Salutation Hotel, Perth which was a capacity sell out and on the night we held an auction of celebrity items. We had donations from Lorraine Kelly, Sir Sean Connery, Lulu, Robbie Coltrane, Nell McAndrew, Jim Davidson Scott Harrison, Ken Buchanan, Carol Smillie, Colin Montgomery, Paul Lawrie, Shane Ritchie, Runrig and many other celebrities. We also had a vast amount of donations from local businesses and the night was a great success and raised a lot of money for the campaign.

Thanks to everyone who supported this event.

2. A Sponsored Parachute Jump was held at Errol Airfield and two ex Kings Own Scottish Borderers and myself did a tandem jump from 12,000 feet. A DVD of the day is available should anyone wish to purchase one. Please email me for details. 

Pictures will be shown on the website very soon. .

Again thanks to all who supported this event.





A sculpture is currently being modeled in the States by Doyle Glass a famous American sculptor. Details of this are to be released very soon and this valuable piece will be donated to the campaign to help raise funds.




"The Give it Five Campaign" continues and details on how to donate are available on the home page of this site.




A raffle draw was held and was extremely well supported by business from all over Scotland and outside the UK.

Thanks to all who donated and bought tickets and also thanks to all who took time out to sell our tickets.


Please give generously and help us to Save our six Scottish Regiments before they disappear forever.

Thank You.

Anne McMillan



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