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A letter to John Reid, MP - Defence Secretary, UK Government

  The Rt Hon Dr John Reid MP
Secretary of State for Defence Ministry of Defence
Main Building

Dear Mr Reid

I write to you as a concerned citizen regarding the future of Scotland’s six historic army regiments. I am sure you are well aware of the controversy and deep unpopularity of the proposed disbandment and amalgamations of the said regiments. In your capacity as the new defence secretary you have the power to look with fresh eyes on this decision and to also engage the serving soldiers and family members, ex-soldiers and members of the public – the overwhelming majority of which have no desire for the changes to take place.

There are many compelling arguments to keep the regiments as they are although nobody denies that some sort of change is inevitable, but this does not mean abandoning a well tried system that has evolved and served this country well for over 300 years.

After the election and the subsequent loss of 100+ seats, the Prime Minister said he and his government were ready to listen to the > concerns of the people of this country. We would like the opportunity for our concerns to be heard and would ask you to please allow proper consultation to take place with those who have experience of serving in the regiments both today and in the past.

Furthermore, I feel sure, that being a Scotsman yourself; you will fully understand and appreciate, that this controversial decision, to interfere with our Scottish Military Heritage in such an ill-conceived manner, is generally perceived by the Scottish people, as an attack upon the very soul of the Scottish nation and I therefore urge you to review this, at your earliest convenience. We appeal to you to become part of the listening government that Mr Blair describes.

Yours sincerely


[your name here]



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