We are not linked to any political party or Scottish Regiment.

Save the Scottish Regiments are a broad based collective of ordinary people who believe passionately in our Armed Forces and their long and proud history.

Some of our volunteers have family members in Basra, Iraq, right now, some are ex-members of Regiments, some are just rightly proud of their Regiments and want to fight Geoff Hoon's insane decision to scrap one or more battalions, or the formation of a so-called 'super-unit'.

We need all the support we can get to reverse this decision and to stop it from ever happening.


We are busy formulating our strategy for the months ahead - which includes standing our own candidates in Scotland at next year's General Election.  We have a Mass Rally in Dundee on Sat October 23.  We need people to get involved. People like YOU.  No experience is necessary just a determination and passion to prevent the axing of any Scottish Regiment.  We don't need a lot of your time - just as much as you feel you can spare or want to.  Please help us win this fight - for our regiments, for Scotland and for our future generations.

    Show this Labour Government and Geoff Hoon what our Scottish Regiments mean to us - please join us today

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